L is for Loser

I write and draw stuff. Namely short stories and comics.

Librarian by day, comic artist by night! One of the creators of :EPOCH Files!

This is an artsy blog! Original posts and reblogs of things that inspire me!
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I caved

:EPOCH Files twit banners ye

Tiny preview of what’s to come this September! #makingcomics #comics #scifi #webcomic

Inked! #barakamon

fixed and colored as a warm up last night

More nib practise! Also I love Naru. #barakamon

Practising using nibs! Satsuki-sama from Kill la Kill! #klk

Clearing my workspace look at what I found! Old comic work from 5 years ago! #comics #makingcomics

Horror comic soon! Working title: Sarah #comics #makingcomics #inking

Mikoshiba Mikoto from Nozaki-kun! Using nibs after almost a year I think and damn it- it’s hard to use as ever #inking #Nozaki-kun